Investing in Home Workouts


Not interested in joining a gym?

Instead of paying for a pricey gym membership, you no longer have to drive to a gym, wait in line for popular equipment or register a week in advance for your favourite class, in order to get a great workout. Working out at home has changed dramatically in the past few years. Working out at home is no longer about how much space you have and how much equipment you can buy, but it is all about finding what you are interested in and pairing it with workout programs that are fun, challenging and suited to you and your needs.

Many people find their treadmill becomes a clothes drying rack, don’t let that happen to you! If you are going to invest in equipment, be sure to choose something you will enjoy and use for some time. Along with certain types of equipment you can now register for online subscriptions, download workouts and even stream live real-time classes that you are a part of! Many of these subscriptions track your workouts, caloric output, rewards and most importantly give you accountability. You can develop your own workout calendar, have an online coach make one for you, or download one for free.

Here are a few you can check out for yourself.

First, try a Fitness app. There are many out there such as Fitocracy, BodBot and FitOn. The apps offer different features, depending on your needs and goals. There are apps for tracking your fitness, Personal Trainer apps to give you customized workouts, as well as yoga and meditation apps to keep you mindful and focused. Find an app that will work for you.

Next, check out FitnessBlender with it’s free fitness videos and recipes. Their workouts range from 5 minutes of core to 84 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training (aka HIIT). You can choose your goal, length of time, what equipment you have or want to use, and what you want to work today and it will give you the videos that meet your needs. FitnessBlender has everything from HITT workouts to Yoga and everything in between. Upgrade your FitnessBlender subscription to have a workout and nutrition plan built specifically for you.

Have your own treadmill or bike? Zswift is build for runners and cyclists. Choose your route in your favourite city in countries from around the world, train with a group of people you know or a join a group that is training for a special event, do that event in real-time with others from around the world! In order to connect as a runner you purchase a RunPod or a bike trainer if you’re a cyclist. These devices keep you connected, while calculating your speed, cadence and distance and virtually integrates you into their experience.

Enjoy spin classes? Try it out at home with either Echelon and Peloton. These two subscriptions offer an experience to virtually be in a live, real-time spin class from the comfort of your own home. You purchase the Echelon or Peloton bike and subscribe to the fun, challenging spin classes 24/7. This is a big investment, but well worth it if you love spin classes and want to do it at home.

Finally, Sweatondemand has a full library of everything from yoga, Zumba and spin to strength building classes like TRX and Kettlebell. Equipment or no equipment, you will still find classes here to help you get to your goals. This subscription offers all your styles of workouts and classes, try something new everyday.

Many online subscriptions have free trials. I recommend taking advantage of this to ensure you enjoy the styles of classes the website offers. There are so many to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find something you will like, and not have to drive to the gym. See more articles by Paul Bradbeer at


Ski British Columbia


The weather has never been more perfect for ski season in the Okanagan! The skies are blue with above freezing temperatures in the valley and the mountains are full of fresh powder. There are so many amazing ski destinations throughout British Columbia and the Okanagan is a great place to start. With Big White less than 60 minute drive from Kelowna and Silver Star only a half hour northeast of Vernon. Both hills offer a range of accommodations for those coming in from out of town. Big White and Silver Star are family friendly ski hills that offer ski lessons, childcare and a wide range of beginner to advanced ski runs.

When your taking a break from skiing there are several coffee shops, restaurants and chalets to relax in with a hot drink. Take a stroll through the several shops where you can browse through souvenirs and gifts, purchase a some new snow gear or pick up one of the ever so popular Big White toques.

Not a skier? Your in luck because both hills offer an abundance of activities including: cross country skiing, snowshoeing, ice wall climbing, tubing, ice skating, mini snowmobile rentals and yoga! There is so many things to do at these two mountain resorts that you’ll always have something to do and never get bored.

Looking for a more exhilarating adventure? Head up to Revelstoke for more challenging slopes and if your up for it try out Cat or Heli Skiing! Revelstoke gets an unbelievable amount of snow annually and Cat and Heli skiing offer up a chance to make tracks on untouched terrain. See more articles by Paul Bradbeer on his website

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