Health Benefits of Taking A Spin Class

Spinning is an intense form of exercise that is performed on specialized stationary bicycles that are located inside a gym. This type of exercise offers numerous benefits for the body and mind.


Spin Class Benefit 1: Burning Calories

Anyone wanting to lose weight can benefit from an organized spin class that focuses on interval training. This type of exercise can burn a lot of calories so that an individual can lose weight rapidly in the lower areas of the body.


Spin Class Benefit 2: Building Muscle Mass

A spinning workout can build muscle mass in the thighs, hips and buttocks. These are the areas of the body where many individuals have flabby muscle tone from sitting in an office chair each day.


Spin Class Benefit 3: Improving the Cardiovascular System

An intense spin class several times a week offers aerobic benefits such as increasing the body’s blood flow, improving the condition of the lungs and protecting the heart. Experts recommend working out for 20 to 45 minutes for the most benefits from this form of exercise.


Spin Class Benefit 4: Socializing with Others

The individuals in a spin class often become friends, and socializing with others offers several benefits such as preventing depression or anxiety. Joining a spin class that meets at the same time and location several times throughout the week is a good choice to have the most mental health benefits.


Spin Class Benefit 5: Sculpting the Body

A spin class that requires a bicycle that also moves the upper body can help someone to have a sculpted abdomen, arms and legs. By having a knowledgeable trainer, an individual can learn how to use the specialized bicycle correctly to have the most benefits.


Spin Class Benefit 6: Reducing High Blood Pressure

It is essential to reduce high blood pressure to protect the body’s blood vessels and arteries, so an individual can participate in a spin class three times a week to eliminate this health problem.


Spin Class Benefit 7: Low-risk of Injury

For someone who isn’t in the best physical condition, spinning on a bicycle is a safe form of exercise. First, the classes are in an indoor environment that has other people available, and it is nearly impossible to injure a muscle, tendon or cartilage while spinning.


Running Rules You Should Break Now

There are certain truths that are inescapable for every runner. While these truths include the ever-present risk of chafing and the need for the emergency bathroom stop, there are certain things that are unavoidable for runners. However, while running rules exist for a reason, there are some that need to be broken.


Breaking the Rules: Running with Reckless Abandon

It helps to follow the rules, but certain unspoken running rules should be done away with. The following are a few rules of running that need to be broken now:


  1. Runners Have to Carbo-Load Before a Long Run

Increasing one’s intake of carbs during the weeks and days before a long run is almost law amongst runners, but is it accurate? While the idea of carbo-loading may make sense in theory, in reality, it can create some gastrointestinal problems, Runners that focus on carbo-loading will likely experience nausea, constipation, diarrhea or bloating before, during or after the run.


  1. It’s a Bad Idea to Increase One’s Mileage More Than 10% Per Week

In order to run longer distances, runners need to increase their mileage every so often. This is why this 10% rule exists–most runners swear by this rule to avoid any injuries. However, this 10% mileage increase rule isn’t law. Today, many runners are opting for The Daniels Method. This allows runners to increase their mileage every four weeks.


  1. The More One Runs, the Easier it Gets

Typically, the more often one does something, the easier it gets. With running, this isn’t the case. New runners often believe this as they try to push through the beginning stages of becoming a runner, waiting for the day that it all gets easier. This is why so many runners adopt the mantra “easier but still hard”. While running may feel better the more one does it, it’s still not an “easy” thing to get through.


  1. Landing Heel-First is Wrong

Ever hear that heel striking is bad? Well, it’s time to rethink this running rule. According to new evidence, whichever way the heel strikes the floor, the body will still absorb the same type of force.

Runners hoping to run longer distances or strengthen their body overall should run without the limitations runners usually place on themselves. While it’s important for runners to stay safe, these common, yet inaccurate “rules of running” can be done away with.

Most Common Golf Injuries

Avid golfers are aware that there is a probability that they will experience several injuries in their career. Some of the injuries are minor and cannot interfere with the effectiveness of a player while other are severe enough to terminate a career. Individuals should understand the probable injuries at an earlier stage so that they can prevent and learn on the best methods of solving these problems. Here are some the golf injuries.


  • Rotator Cuff Injury

Those individuals who play golf on a daily basis are likely to injure their rotator cuffs. Most of these muscles, which are located in the shoulders are used for stabilizing purposes. These muscles are likely to swell when they are swung with much forces such that they occupy the space between the shoulder bones and the arms. A muscle is also likely to tear, which has the potential of causing much pain while at the same time inhibiting the game of a golfer.


  • Back Pain

According to the United States health statistics, more than 85 percent of all golfers are likely to experience back pain in their lifetime. Considerable stress and pressure is placed on the spine and the muscles surrounding the spine due to continuous swings and rotations. This is compounded by the fact that most of the golfers tend to repeat the same motions in hundreds of times. Minor strains and pain on the back can sometimes lead to serious injuries.


  • Wrist Injuries

Tenderness and pain are common types of wrist injuries that golfers experience. These injuries are caused by the repetitive motions of the golfer as he or she swings with high speed and on a repetitive basis. These injuries are also likely to occur on impact between the golf stick and the golf itself. Swelling of the tendons is another common wrist injury that all golfers should understand. Most of these injuries can easily be prevented through various conditioning programs.


  • Hip Injuries

Golfing is highly known to involve a tremendous amount of twisting movements and pivoting which hip joint sometimes can fail to withstand. The hip joint is subjected to stress and movement that involve extension and flexion forces, which can cause muscle tearing and constant pain. A golfer can consider warming up before playing so as to minimize hip injuries.

Best Skillets For Omelettes

Let’s face it. Making an omelette can be a pain if you don’t have the right cooking utensils. With the right skillet, however, you can create a hassle-free, tasty breakfast to enjoy each morning before heading off to work or school. So how do you know which skillets are best for making tasty, restaurant-quality omelets and other recipes? Get started with the list below.


Best Value: T-Fal Nonstick Pan

Constructed from aluminum materials, the T-Fal nonstick skillet features a stainless steel base to inhibit warping. A durable scratch-resistant surface allows you to use metal utensils to fold eggs without damaging the pan. Besides that, this skillet can endure temperatures up to 400 degrees inside an oven. A disc in the center of the pan lets you know the skillet is ready to cook omelettes and crepes.


Best Budget Buy: Cuisinart Skillet Set

With the Cuisinart skillet set, you get two skillets for the price of one. Thanks to an interlocking design, you can stack the aluminum pans on top of each other without making a mess when you toss omelettes. When separated, you can cook omelettes simultaneously. At 10” in diameter, it’s easy to separate the pans and slide omelettes straight onto a plate.


Best for Beginners: TeChef Frittata and Omelette Pan

For easy flipping, the TeChef omelet skillet features a hinged design, which is ideal for preparing Italian omelettes and frittatas. A non-stick Teflon coating, not only delivers fluffy omelets, but it also makes it easy to slide them onto plates. It also comes in handy for compartmentalized cooking. With a purple hue and stainless steel handles, this aluminum pan makes a stylish addition to any kitchen.


Best Iron Pan: Iawachu

Iwachu’s 8.5” iron omelette pan looks more like a piece of art than a skillet. It features a curved design, which helps food cook evenly. Plus, it makes it easier to fold and plate omelets. Although this pan is heavier than the aluminum versions mentioned above, it offers an easy grip. To maintain the skillet, you simply need to give it a gentle hand washing after it cools down and a coat it with light oil before each use.


Best for Japanese-style Omelettes: TeChef Japanese Omelette Skillet

If you yearn to make Japanese-style omelettes, you will feel like an expert when you use the TeChef Japanese omelette skillet. The square design allows you to flip and roll eggs into a fluffy tamagoyaki. Coated with non-stick Teflon, foods come out with ease. With a stainless steel bottom and aluminum construction, the square pan distributes heat evenly to prevent burning and undercooking.

How To Improve Team Collaboration

Collaborative teams typically lead to enhanced productivity and results. So, when a team is firing on all cylinders, they are working in the best of ways. However, if a team is dysfunctional, it can fall apart very quickly. The problem is that many teams operate as a team in the name only. This means that the group of people are declared as a team but do not operate as a team.

Now, there are a few reasons why a team is dysfunctional One reason could be weak leadership where dominate personalities derail the overall mission causing the other members to adapt accordingly since the person at the helm is not steering in the right direction. Another reason could be having a “lone ranger” team member. These people disrupt the team dynamic by going out on their own and believing more in their ability than they do in the team’s ability to complete the task. Actions like this create a disconnect amongst the other members and cause a lack of trust and collaboration.

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Top Things To Do in Kelowna, BC

In southern British Columbia is the Okanagan which is a beautiful sunny valley filled with sandy beaches, ski resorts, and wide-reaching lakes suited to houseboating. Kelowna is a city located on the eastern shore Okanagan Lake whose population is ever-expanding. The city has developed into being a recreational lakeside paradise. There are numerous attractions for locals and tourists to enjoy. So, whether you are planning a family-friendly holiday or just an ideal trip for a group of friends, you are sure to find something that fits your interests. Here are some of the top things available to do in Kelowna.


The Jammery

The Jammery has attracted people from a variety of places. They use local fruit from the British Columbia and produce some of the finest jams, pies, and scones is all of Canada; plus, you can taste them all on the site. The Jammery also boasts an award-winning restaurant located on site that serves a great selection of breakfasts and lunches.

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Three Benefits of Crossfit

CrossFit has been one of the biggest, if not, the biggest craze in the world of fitness. It started as a California-based workout program that involved interval training with Olympic weightlifting. It is a type of strength and conditioning training that requires you to use your own bodyweight for resistance to build power. Most CrossFit workouts do not even need any equipment, although some people choose to use weights to perform precise movements. These exercises promise to keep people in the best shape of their lives, build muscle faster and promote better recovery. Here are some of the other benefits of CrossFit.


Improved Heart Health

CrossFit workouts elevate your heart rate throughout which increases your endurance. The American Council on Exercise performed a study, and the data showed that the heart rates of the participants elevated to ninety percent of their maximum heart rate and this lasted through two CrossFit workouts. A heart rate maximum between 64 to 94 percent helps to improve cardio endurance according to fitness industry guidelines. Industry guidelines also suggest that 40 to 85 percent of VO2max (amount of oxygen a person can utilize during intense exercise) helps to improve cardio fitness and body composition.

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