TRX Suspension Training


TRX, Total-Body Resistance Exercise, is a specialized form of suspension training that utilizes one piece of equipment (the TRX) developed by former U.S. Navy Seals. The TRX suspension trainer uses your body weight as your resistance and challenges your body’s strength, balance, core stability and flexibility. This device can be used as a single device that offers a full-body workout or can be added to your current program to challenge your body in a different way.

You don’t need a home gym or much space to use the TRX. All you need is an anchor point, which can be secured onto a ceiling or wall stud, or a doorframe anchor that makes it also easy to travel with and use anywhere. Not only is it light, but portable and convenient.

TRX suspension training is based on functional, dynamic training which is why it is effective and has become so popular. The intensity of the exercise you are doing is adjusted simply by increasing or decreasing your body’s angle or adjusting your base of support, ex. distance apart your feet are or going from two legged to single leg exercise.
There a many beginner level movements for those who are new to fitness and suspension training, a wide variety of challenging intermediate exercises and lots of high-level, multi-planar movements for the high level athletes. Suspension training can be used to achieve many goals, whether you are looking to improve your strength, build muscle or lose body fat. There are also movements and programs built to prepare your body for ski season, improve your golf swing or increase your speed and agility.

There are endless TRX workouts that can now be found, for a list of beginner to advanced TRX movements has a list of 44 exercises to choose from. You can also find endless printables and downloads as well as videos to choose from.


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