Most Common Golf Injuries

Avid golfers are aware that there is a probability that they will experience several injuries in their career. Some of the injuries are minor and cannot interfere with the effectiveness of a player while other are severe enough to terminate a career. Individuals should understand the probable injuries at an earlier stage so that they can prevent and learn on the best methods of solving these problems. Here are some the golf injuries.


  • Rotator Cuff Injury

Those individuals who play golf on a daily basis are likely to injure their rotator cuffs. Most of these muscles, which are located in the shoulders are used for stabilizing purposes. These muscles are likely to swell when they are swung with much forces such that they occupy the space between the shoulder bones and the arms. A muscle is also likely to tear, which has the potential of causing much pain while at the same time inhibiting the game of a golfer.


  • Back Pain

According to the United States health statistics, more than 85 percent of all golfers are likely to experience back pain in their lifetime. Considerable stress and pressure is placed on the spine and the muscles surrounding the spine due to continuous swings and rotations. This is compounded by the fact that most of the golfers tend to repeat the same motions in hundreds of times. Minor strains and pain on the back can sometimes lead to serious injuries.


  • Wrist Injuries

Tenderness and pain are common types of wrist injuries that golfers experience. These injuries are caused by the repetitive motions of the golfer as he or she swings with high speed and on a repetitive basis. These injuries are also likely to occur on impact between the golf stick and the golf itself. Swelling of the tendons is another common wrist injury that all golfers should understand. Most of these injuries can easily be prevented through various conditioning programs.


  • Hip Injuries

Golfing is highly known to involve a tremendous amount of twisting movements and pivoting which hip joint sometimes can fail to withstand. The hip joint is subjected to stress and movement that involve extension and flexion forces, which can cause muscle tearing and constant pain. A golfer can consider warming up before playing so as to minimize hip injuries.


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